Pirates News · Region Swim Results

Here are the region results.. The previous posts listed best times and state times. Here is a quick list of the people that got on the podium (top 6) and the people that scored.
Podium finishers included: Sohnnie (Region Champ in the 200 IM and 100 Breast); Aniston (2nd in the 200 and 500 Free); Jordan (2nd in the Back and 3rd in the 500); Hanah (2nd in the Breast and 3rd in the IM); Andrew (2nd in the 500 & 5th in the 200); Rori (3rd in the 50 & 100 Free); Dylan M (3rd in the Fly & 5th in the Back); Stephanie (4th in the Fly); Mason (5th in the 100 & 6th in the 50); Sevy (5th in the Breast); Jadyn (6th in the Fly); & Gage (6th in the 100 Free). The girls Free relays and the boys 400 Free relay were all 3rd.
The following swimmers scored at the meet: Ashleigh, Jaina, Jennifer, Baylee, Kyli, Mikaella, Chloe, Adriana, Alejandra, Slexis, Yadi, Colin, Dylan R, Sully, Colton, Sam, Austin, Arthur, Marshall, Colton, Connor, Logan, and Alex.
Right now the following have qualified for State (8 & 9 Feb at BYU): Hanah, Jordan, Aniston, Rori, Andrew, Sohnnie, & Sevy. 5 of our 6 relays made state which will be made up of the swimmers from above and Steph, Kyli, & Jadyn on the girls side and Connor, Dylan, & Gage on the boys side (I am also putting together a small list of alternates). We will have to wait until the end of the week when entries are submitted to see if Steph, Dylan, & Connor get in in their individual events.