Multiple Teams · Wrestling Results 12/12

Boy’s Wrestling took 3rd place at the GSD Tournmant!
Individual places:
  • Mason Glover   4th
  • Noah Diaz   3rd
  • Zion Piltcher  3rd
  • Skyler Armenta  3rd
  • Damon Armenta  1st
  • Kenneth Ochoa  3rd
  • Fernando Mendes  4th
  • Omar Galvin  1st
  • J.D. Murray  1st
Girl’s Wrestling took 3rd place at the Hunter Pools.
Individual places:
  • Camri Palmer  2nd
  • Alexis Contreras  3rd
  • Cheyenne Cummings  2nd
  • Sierra Fralick  5th
  • Emalie Clark 3rd
  • Bailee Hawks Nelson  1st
  • Brianna Pitkin  4th
  • Tori Poulson 3rd
  • Tayleigh Robertson  2nd
Both teams are back in action on Tuesday, Dec. 15.
Boys will be against Murray, and the girls will be against Freemont.