Varsity Dance · Student Profile: Krista Boswell – Dance Co

By: Brooke Golson

Krista Boswell is a senior and first year member of dance company at Cyprus High School. She works with her team to create routines and performances for the student body to enjoy at various events such as the Homecoming football game, spinnaker preview/review, or concerts of their very own.

How did you get started with this sport/activity and why do you do it?

The first dance class I took was in 8th grade, but I didn’t immerse myself in it until my freshmen year when I took hip-hop.

Is it hard managing school, work, and this sport/activity? How do you do it?

It’s not hard to manage school and dance. I know how to manage them both, and I understand when one may require more patience. I put aside one or the other based on deadlines.

Do you plan on continuing your sport/activity after high school? Explain

I don’t think I’ll ever stop dancing, whether it is in a class or not. I’m always creating new techniques, so it would be exciting to pursue it in college.

What do you like about your team/group?

I love how every day, my team is so passionate and enthusiastic. We’re all so unique, so it makes for an exciting day when we’re all together. Everyone is very open and committed to every idea or new project. It’s only my first year in a dance company, but they all have been very welcoming.

What makes you proud of CHS and your team/group?

My team and Cyprus are very similar in the fact that they both cheer others forward. I’m proud to be a part of a school that praises and encourages one’s individuality.

How has this sport/activity impacted you?

A dancer performs just as far for a few people as they do for a few hundred. So just like in life, dance has taught me that you can’t wait till the very last minute to do your best. You have to start every activity by giving it your all so you won’t regret anything in the end.

Who is someone in the sport/activity you look up to and why?

There isn’t a specific person in dance who I would single out in saying that they have impacted me the most. I believe that every dancer has their own story and style, but each of them has the determination to move forward and be their best selves.

Do you have an activity that you do before each performance that makes you feel more prepared?

What takes a month to perfect all comes down to about a couple of minutes of performing. So, as long as you tell yourself that this will be the best performance of this routine, then all you have to worry about is having fun and enjoying every second of it with your team.

Do you enjoy choreographing dances? Why or why not?

Some days I love choreographing, and other days I find it hard to be inspired. But in the end, you have to take it step-by-step, literally, and see what your mind creates. Improvisation is usually my first strategy when choreographing anything.

Have previous dance experiences impacted your experiences on dance company?

I haven’t had much experience dancing outside of school, so dancing with a team was a new experience. All-in-all, I believe that every activity in the class makes me a better dancer and pushes me to do better.