Varsity Choir · Student Profile: Rebekah Divall – Choir

By: Lucas Pettersson

The people of show Choir are outgoing, excitable, and energetic; Rebekah Divall is no exception.  All of Rebekah’s hard work paid off and she has become an integral part of show choir leading to many special singing roles and solos.  Show choir challenges students to get out there and be comfortable with what most people would think is uncomfortable. Rebekah took that challenge and ran with it.

How did you get started with this activity and why do you do it? 


I got started with this activity because I love singing a lot, my older siblings took choir as well which inspired me to do the same. Whenever I went to their performances it always looked like so much fun that I wanted to try it out too!

Is it hard managing school, work, and this activity? How do you do it? 


It is a bit challenging and a lot of times I forget to do my choir homework because of the homework that I have to do for my other classes. I just need to get in the zone and manage my time well to make sure I have the time to work on choir homework.

Do you plan on continuing your activity after high school? Explain


 I plan on continuing choir, whether I join a church choir, local choir, or school choir. Singing is a good way to relieve stress and I love how music has a different way of touching people than spoken word!

What do you like about your group? 


I like performing with the other choir kids, there is just something about working on a piece of music and performing our efforts for an audience to see, I love being a part of a group of entertainers.

What makes you proud of CHS and your group? 


I’m proud of our ability to work together well as a group. I’m previous years there seemed to be a lot of drama but this year I noticed that we all get along pretty well together which is super awesome!

How has this activity impacted you? 


Being in choir has impacted me in many ways. I have been able to improve my ability to sing and learn different ways to practice and strengthen my voice. I still have a long way to go but I have also come so far!

Who is someone in the activity you look up to and why?


Someone I look up to is my sister, she has such an amazing voice and works so hard to make sure that she keeps it strong. She performs really well in such a way that perfectly conveys the meaning of the song! I hope to reach the level she is at!

Have previous experiences impacted your performance now and why?


There have definitely been experiences in the past that have impacted my performance. I joined my church choir at a young age and became comfortable performing group musical numbers. I’ve also participated in duet and solo pieces which contributed in my ability to handle stage fright.

What is a moment that happened, in choir, that you will never forget? Why?


My favorite memory is when I was about to audition for show choir and I got really nervous and my best friend Abbie and my sister Elizabeth were there comforting me. It was really nice that they were there to cheer me on!

What is one thing you will miss from choir after graduation?


 I’ll miss the people. There will always be other people but every year in choir I meet individuals who are not like anybody else, people who impact me in many different ways.