Spinnakers Drill Team · Student Profile: Kendyll Jensen- Spinnakers

By: Tayleigh Robertson

Kendyll Jensen is a 3rd year Spinnaker who has been dancing for 12 years. She is a junior this year and has achieved many great things in her time as a Spinnaker such as helping her team win region and winning her solo competitions. She recently made the Utah Drill Team Allstate Team and continues to do great things on the team.


How did you get started with this sport?

I started dancing when I was little because I thought it was super fun and wanted to stay busy.


Is it hard managing school, work, and this sport?

How do you manage it? Drill is very time consuming and has to be our first priority so it is hard to manage. I just have to stay on top of everything and not procrastinate.


Do you plan on continuing this sport after high school?

Yes, I want to be a Cougarette and BYU.


What do you like about your team?

I like the unity of my team and how hardworking they are.


What makes you proud of CHS and your team?

I am proud of our school because of the support they give us and I am proud of my team and everything we have accomplished.


How has this sport impacted you?

This sport has impacted me because it gives me an outlet to get away from everything.


Who is someone in this sport you look up to and why?

I look up to my Coach Cali because she has accomplished so many things in dance like being a Jazz Dancer.


What are your goals with this sport?

My goal is for our team to be top 5 in the state and to become a Cougarette.


What was your greatest accomplishment with this sport?

My greatest accomplishment was winning a big solo competition last year.


What is the biggest challenge with this sport?

My biggest challenge is to keep trying when I don’t get something the first time.