Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Coach Profile: Hayley Taggart – Swim

By: Brennan Whiting

I interviewed Hayley Taggart who is the coach for water polo. I have asked her some questions about her experiences being a coach. Also, I asked what trials she had to face during this pandemic.

What made you want to coach?

Participating in water polo and swim team was a major part of my high school experience. When I was asked to be a coach, I thought it would be a great way to reconnect with sports that I love in a new capacity.

And, because of Covid-19 and its guidelines has it affected the way, you coach?

COVID-19 has made things a little harder, but not impossible. It is a little harder to be heard across the pool deck with a mask on, but we manage! ​

What do you Look for in a player?

​If anyone is interested in participating in a low impact sport that is a great workout for your whole body, swimming is for you! We have swimmers of all skill types on the team and there is a spot for everyone. The players I enjoy coaching the most are the ones who keep perfecting their technique and keep working towards getting better. It is awesome to see how perseverance can really help in practice. ​

Is it hard to coach during Covid-19?​

It has made things more difficult but we can get through it. ​

What are the goals you want for you and your players?

The goals in swim team and water polo are to always improve technique by working on your stroke and timing. My mantra is that there is always room to improve, even if you are Michael Phelps! I love that aspect of continuously working towards getting better. ​

Do you love being a coach for Cyprus High School?

​I really do enjoy being a coach. It is great to see students outside a classroom setting. I can give individual help on the swim team which I love. Also, the Cyprus school spirit really is infectious! The swim team here focuses on building each other up and being their own cheer squad. This is different from when I was in high school and swimming was treated as an individual sport.