Varsity Dance · Coach Profile: Alexia Crandall – Dance Co

By Sharon Sanchez

As the school year progresses, the Cyprus High School Dance team busy themselves with dance routines and competitions. As the director, Crandall leads the team with great determination and character. Having previously been on a dance team, Crandall was inspired by her high school coach to one day direct a team of her own. That dream would later come true in 2011. It wasn’t long before she moved on to directing for the Cyprus Dance Company.

What is your coaching history?

I was hired as the Cyprus Dance Company Director in 2015. Before that I taught at Fort Herriman Middle School for 4 years where I directed their Dance Company.

What made you want to coach? Why?

Looking back on my high school experience the best memories were with my high school dance company. I admired my coach and realized I wanted to teach dance and direct a high school dance company for a living. It is my dream job!

How has Covid affected the way you coach?

My dance company members have not had the same opportunities this year so I have had to change how the program functions.  I feel bad for them and try to give them as many opportunities as possible. In many ways we have had to be creative and do things differently.

What do you look for in a dancer? Why?

Since I can teach anyone how to dance I look at their character not their dance ability. If a student is a hard worker they will be successful on my team.  This also includes looking at a student’s past grades. Academic success tells me how dedicated a student is.

What goal do you have for the team this year? Why?

To enjoy the opportunities we do have to perform and create dances.

What life lessons do you want your dancers to learn from this sport?

You can accomplish anything you are willing to put hard work into. Be willing to be open minded to anything because that is often when you learn the most.  That life doesn’t always go as planned but if we are creative we can figure it out. And last but not least there are always opportunities to dance for the rest of your life so keep moving, creating and dancing.

What is your proudest moment as a coach?

I always love to see the growth of my students and team. It is so rewarding to see students grow over the years and implement things I have taught them. Last year Cyprus Dance Company won best choreography at Utah State Dance Festival.  It was by far one of the greatest moments for me as the Cyprus Dance Company Director.

What advice would you give to those who want to become a dancer?

It is not about being the best dancer in the room. It is about who works the hardest and has the most confidence.

How do you view the relationship between academics and athletics?

I am not only the Cyprus Dance Company Director but also a teacher at Cyprus. I always tell me dance company members that I care just as much about their academic success if not more. If a student can be successful academically they can be successful in all other aspects of their lives including extra curriculars.

What are your core Values as a coach?

Character is everything. I want my students to be good kids and be kind to all. If they can be respectful to all in return others will respect them and what we do as a Dance Company.