Varsity Debate · Student Profile: Zoee Jones – Debate

By: Carlena Sandoval

Imagine your counselor choosing a class you never intended to join only to like it at the end.  Well that’s what happened to Zoe Jones, a member of the debate team.  I reach out to her through email to ask about what her experiences are on the debate team. And here is what Zoe Jones had to say about her activity .

How did you get started with this sport/activity and why do you do it?

I got started on accident when a counselor put me into debate.

Is it hard managing school, work, and this sport/activity? How do you do it?

It does get overwhelming at times but I have been able to learn time management to help me succeed.

Do you plan on continuing your sport/activity after high school? Explain

No, sadly the school I am planning on attending does not have debate sadly.

What do you like about your team/group?

I like the tournaments it always makes for the best stories and bonding.

What makes you proud of CHS and your team/group?

We took second at region last year!!!

How has this sport/activity impacted you?

It helped me find my love for law and determine that I want to be a lawyer!

Who is someone in the sport/activity you look up to and why?

I look up to my old mentor who graduated years ago but was able to balance everything and remember to have fun at the same time!

How long have you been doing this  sport/activity?

This has been my 6th year doing debate.

What is your favorite part about doing this sport  / activity?

The tournaments!!!

Is there any advice you would like to give to students who want to participate in this activity ?

Yes it is hard and it will take lots of work, but in the end is  SO worth it!!! I will treasure these memories I have made in debate forever !