Multiple Teams · Spring Sport Important Information

Spring Sports will be starting on Monday, March 1.

Spring sports include: Baseball, Softball, Boy’s Soccer, Boy’s Tennis, Girl’s Golf, and Boy’s and Girl’s Track.

If you’re interested in trying out for one of the teams, you must contact the coach for details. Contact information can be found on each sport’s webpage or under Athletic Dept Info.

Also, you MUST get a Covid test prior to trying out.

There will be Covid testing in the Brockbank gym this Friday, Feb. 19. Again, please contact the coach for testing details. If you get tested at an alternative location or have had a recent positive result, you must bring a record of the results to Mr. Brown at the Brockbank office.

If you have not been tested before through the school, you need to register. You can do that by following this link.

***You CANNOT just show up at tryouts/practice. You will be sent home.

In order to compete, you will need a current physical. If you participated in a fall/winter sport, chances are your physical is good. If you didn’t, you will need a new one.

Cyprus will be hosting physicals with Exodus on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Cost is $20 cash, and you need to bring a copy of the physical form pre-filled with your information and parent signature. Again, contact the coach to find out what time your team is scheduled to attend.

If you prefer to wait and get your physical after you know whether you’ve made the team, you can visit your own doctor or go to Medallus Medical on 5600 West. It costs $25, and they do take walk-ins.

If you have any questions, please contact the respective coach or one of the Athletic Directors – Nicki Graham or Chaine Henson.