Pirates News · Student Profile: Brooklynn Filby – Cheer

By: Kelsey Clayton

I am interveiwing Brooklynn Filby. I met Brooklynn in 11th grade in finincial litteracy . She is a very kind, thoughtful, and intelligent girl. She is a very hard worker and even when things get tough she doesn’t give up. Ive always looked up to brooklynn especially when i wanted to try out for cheer. I always looked forward to going to class with Brooklynn. We became good friends, In 11th grade i stuggled with my classes and Brooklynn helped me through them, especially financial lit.

 How did you get started with this sport/activity and why do you do it? “I got started with it because i wanted to be more involved with school”

 Is it hard managing school, work, and this sport/activity? How do you do it?

“I don’t think it’s very hard as long as you stay organized”

 Do you plan on continuing your sport/activity after high school? Explain

”No i don’t plan on on it because i want to focus more on my future”

 What do you like about your team/group?

“ i really like how everyone on the team is very encouraging and nice”

 What makes you proud of CHS and your team/group?

“What makes me proud is that our motivation is to always to good”

 How has this sport/activity impacted you?

“It has impacted me because It made me a more confident person”

  Who is someone in the sport/activity you look up to and why?

”I look up to everyone because they all work so hard”

How did you make the team?

“I made the team by putting in my all and working hard to succeed “

 When you first tried out did you think you were gonna make the team?

” No i didn’t think i was gonna make the team”

 How long have you been cheering ?

“I have been cheering for 3 years and before CHS i was on another team “