Spinnakers Drill Team · Student Profile: Abbie Kimber- Spinnakers

By: Brittni Bidwell

Abbie Kimber, is very important because she is currently on the drill team and has been even before her high school educational years. She’s worked very hard for her position, and never gives up.

How did you get started with drill and why do you do it?

I got into drill way before I reached high school. Some of my family members and old studio dancer friends were on drill and always told me their fun stories about drill!! I do drill because it is what I am passionate about

Is it hard managing school, work and drill? How do you do it?

It can be a bit challenging sometimes but I can always pull through, being in a solid routine helps a lot when competition season rolls around and I feel like I have no time to focus on school.

Do you plan on continuing drill after high school?

I am unsure if I will be trying out for a college dance team. If I can’t try out for one I might just take some small dance classes for fun!

What do you like about the spinnakers?

I love all of our inside jokes that we have together! I also love how dedicated we all are to the team and our team goals.

What makes you proud of CHS and Drill?

I think what makes me proud of CHS and Drill is that we always strive to do our best and when life knocks us down we get right back up again!

How has Drill impacted you?

Drill has really impacted my entire life in such a positive way. Drill has taught me to never give up on what you love!

Who is someone in Drill you look up to and why?

Someone I really look up to would either be my coaches or all of my teammates! They both bring out the best in me and really inspire me to be my best!

Do you plan on doing drill in college?

If I do end up trying out for a dance team for college then yeah I’ll keep doing dance through college!

Have you ever tried a different sport or activity?

I have never tried any other sport activity throughout my high school experience.

If they cancel Drill what would you do next?

If they ever cancelled Drill I would be furious and fight for it back. But if I couldn’t do that I wouldn’t try out for any other team.