Varsity Choir · Coach Profile: Christopher Rose – Choir

By: Angalee Starshadow

Mr. Rose is the choir program director of Cyprus High School. His role is entirely important in providing a creative environment for his students through education of music and musical training. Since his employment with Cyprus, he has helped in the training and development of multiple musicals performed by Cyprus and it’s choirs. He currently trains and works with the choirs listed:
– Madrigals
– Show Choir
– Mixed Choir
– Concert Choir
– Cyprus Sirens

Each individual choir has shown tremendous improvement in their vocal abilities through his training. With this in mind, he was interviewed for a thorough look into his teaching methods and how COVID-19 has affected his teaching as a whole.

What is your teaching history?

“I started teaching in 2017 at Gateway Preparatory Academy in Enoch, Utah. I was there for three years. I joined the Cyprus team in 2019 and have loved being here.”

What made you want to teach?

“I have always loved creating music and seeing how learning about music can change lives.”

How has covid affected the way you teach?

“Covid has affected my teaching in that I am using a lot more technology and changing my approach to teach music.”

What do you look for in a participant? Why?

“I look for my student’s eyes when looking for participation. If their eyes are engaged then I know they are engaged in the activities at hand.”

What goal do you have for the group this year? Why?

“The one overall goal I have for all my groups this year is to have them develop a deeper love for creating music and the collaboration that comes with it. During this hard time, we need to find passions and also make connections. Music is a great way to do each of these.”

What life lessons do you want your players to learn from the activity?

“There are a lot of life lessons to be learned from participation in creating music. The top one for me is to learn how to agree with one another in verbal and non-verbal ways.”

What is your proudest moment as a leader?

“I am the proudest when I know my students have given their all and are pleased with the music they have created.”

 How do you think your relationship with the students affects their overall performance?

“I think that any good music conductor has to have a good relationship with their performers. The relationship I have with my students is one of respect and loving of life. This affects their performance by showing the joy we both have and also the respect we have for the music.”

 Do you believe that anyone can learn to sing with training?

“Absolutely I believe that anyone can learn to sing. It’s all about vocal control and practice.”

 If you could change one thing this year, what would it be?

“The thing I would change the most about this year is not having to say no all the time or letting our “normalcy” suffer. It has been hard to see my students get so excited for this year and then having it all blasted away. I just want to say yes and give them something normal and a reason to come back.”